Want to book a Brown Fox Collective Candle Making Class for a private event?

Simply email us with a date inquiry and we’ll get back to you with our availability!

Spend an evening relaxing with friends, crafting your very own personal candle.

An experience like no other, you’ll not only get an exclusive peek into candlemaking, but you’ll also craft a candle that’s entirely your own.

Without any overwhelm at all, we’ll guide you along as you select your unique arrangement of oils, blend your custom scent, and pour your perfect wax.

We walk you through each and every step, and you walk away with a candle that you curated entirely.

A Few Details :

You’ll be making a 9oz 100% soy wax candle, poured into a signature Brown Fox Collective amber jar.

You’ll be blending premium-grade fragrance oils to create a scent that is completely unique. No menus, no presets, you are making something that is all you. We’ve done the hard work to ensure your specific blend will smell amazing — we’ve nailed down the science and math behind it all — and we’re thrilled to send you home with a candle that is like no other!

You’ll be learning lots — we walk you through all the fascinating (at least we think so!) details like pouring temperatures and wax-to-oil ratios. But we promise you won’t glaze-over, and there’s no quizzes involved!

You’ll laugh, you’ll love, you’ll celebrate, you’ll rest. We are confidant you’ll be in awe of the process and enjoy every minute of it!

We’ll be together for two hours — and the time passes by so quickly!

We’ll need to hold onto your freshly made candle for about a week to allow it to cure, then it will be available for pickup from The Getalong. And if you live out of town or just know you won’t make it by to pick up your candle, we’re happy to ship it to you!